Wednesday, 25
19:00  Open Class with Roberto López: Initiation to queer tango

20:00 Práctica

Venue: La Teixidora

22:00   Cabaret Queer Milonguero + Opening party
Venue: El Rouge

[Activities on Wednesday are extra the official Program, to warm up those can’t expect until Thursday ;)]

Thursday, 25

11:00    Breakfast
11:30    Workshop with Soledad de Buenos Aires: Milonga
13:00   Workshop with Lucas de Buenos Aires: Colgadas and Volcadas
Venue: Susurro Tango

19:00 Workshop with Dafne Saldaña and Caroline Betemps: Roles exchange
22:00 Milonga tradicional with exhibition of Eva Yufra and Carmen Hergos          DJ Olaya
Venue: Centro Gallego

Friday, 27

11:00  Breakfast
11:30    Workshop with Soledad de Buenos Aires: Sensibilidad y comunicación
13:00  Workshop with Lucas de Buenos Aires: Double Ganchos
Venue:  Susurro Tango

16:00   ¡Qué Quilombo! Theoretical reflection and artistic action on queer tango
20:00   Dinner
Venue:  La Base

22:00 Milonga with live music with”2+2=3″ Ana Rossi, Marcelo Mercadante and Gustavo Battaglia and exhibition of Olaya Aramo and Darío Molina                    DJ Venturini
Lugar: Espai Erre

Saturday, 28

11:00    Breakfast
11:30    Workshop with Lucas Fernándes: Technique  (unissex)
13:00  Workshop with Yana Khalilova: Interrupted steps and changing of directions as the means of expressiveness
Venue: Susurro

16:00  Milonga Clandestina
Venue: On the street

22:00 Milonga with exhibition of Soledad de Buenos Aires and Lucas Fernándes            DJs: Carmen Hergos and Dafne Saldaña
Venue: Espai Erre

Sunday, 29

11:00   Breakfast
11: 30  Workshop with Lucas Fernándes: Connection. Searching for body parts to ensamble for a perfect connection.
13:00  Workshop with Yana Khalilova: Syncopation and pauses. How to dance musically
14:30   Lunch
16:00  Improvisation class with Olaya Aramo and Eva Yufra
17:30   Jam Contact Tango
19:00  Closing Milonga                                                       DJ David Firmin 
Venue: Susurro


2 comentarios en “Program

  1. Birgit Berlin dijo:

    Hola Organizadoras 😉

    I would like to subscribe with the following program:

    All the milongas
    2 Workshops
    The Discussion
    The Lunch – see below

    I hope to be part of this wonderful first spanish QTF and just sent you a mail with my wishes.


    Me gusta


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