Teachers and Artists

Soledad de Buenos Aires

Soledad de Buenos Aires is a dancer, researcher and teacher of Tango.

She started to dance Tango at the age of 21, and from the very beginning she was interested in, and practiced, both roles simultaneously. She graduated from the Tango Educative Centre of Buenos Aires at the University of Tango. And among other teachers, of especial significace were, and are, Rodolfo Dinzel, Olga Besio and Juan Miguel Expósito.
In 2004, she began to teach in different Neighbourhood and Cultural Centres of the Great Buenos Aires.
She has participated in state community programes by teaching at public schools and health centres for seniors, young people, children and women suffering from domestic violence: “Tango for and by Women” from the Community Health Women for the Women, or “Recreation for the Arts”.
Since 2008 she has been an adjunt teacher at Tango Queer Space.
As a dancer, she has performed and does perform shows in different milongas and spaces in Buenos Aires such as the Confitería Ideal, Tango Queer, La Marshall and Salón Canning, as well as outside the country.

Lucas Fernandes
lucas fernandes

Lucas Fernandes began his tango journey at 18, and devoted himself exclusively to this dance form two years later. During his first trip to Buenos Aires, he developed a passion for follower’s technique. He was initiated into tango music as a child by his Spanish grandmother, who had a passion for Gardel and Goyeneche. This fascination with music was what made him seek out the dance years later. Lucas’ influences are theatre, which has long been his main activity, in addition to classical ballet and contemporary dance. These influences have shaped his unique tango style.

Early exposure to a disciplined dance practice led him to develop the same discipline with tango. He began recording home videos and dancing barefoot to the wall to hone his technique and musicality. He decided to create a YouTube account and called it TangoLupe. Much to Lucas’ surprise, the videos were viewed and shared on social networks by tango communities worldwide. Inspired by the views and ‘likes’, Lucas bought his first pair of women’s shoes in July 2012. He has since gone on to record videos dancing in heels.

In December of the same year, he performed his first solo demonstration at the Mucho Tango milonga in São Paulo, Brazil. The video recording of this performance immediately made waves in the tango world. It was a turning point in his life. Lucas has rose to global fame for his tango technique and musical mastery. He brings a whole new perspective to tango thanks to his honed artistic influences.

Today Lucas is one of the most famous maestros of follower’s technique. His groundbreaking solo performance is internationally recognised. Prominent among his skill arsenal are musicality, adornos, and training the body at tango self-expression for both leaders and followers.

Video: https://youtu.be/Y7tznaELSpo

Yana Khalilova


Yana started to dance tango in 2006 in St Petersburg, Russia. At that time, the concept of “queer tango” had not yet reached St Petresburg, but the idea to lead and to creat her own dance interested Yana from the beginning, and one year later she was leading and dancing with other women in the tango scene of St Petersburg. Since then, Yana has been working a lot on her tango with different teachers, such as Sebastian Arce, Mariana Montes, Leandro Furlan, Gaia Pisauro, Pablo Villarraza, Carolina Lafata, Gianpiero Ya Galdi y Nadia Xronidou, Lucas de Buenos Aires and others; and she is still learning.

Yana is the co-founder and teacher of “Salida Tango School”, a queer tango school in St Petersburg. She is one of the organizers of a queer tango festival, that will take place for the fourth year in April 2016. In July 2015 Yana thought in the Milonga Queer at Fincan, Berlin. In the fall 2015 she also gave workshop in Paris together with Miranda Pez.

She loves to share her knowledge of tango with her students, believing that she learns a lot also while teaching others. Yana loves how queer tango gives the wonderful opportunity to meet people from different countries and share her passion for tango with them. For Yana, queer tango means the freedom of choice and unlimited opportunities to improvise and to be creative, as well as it means freedom form prejudice, discrimination and restrictions.

Video: https://youtu.be/i7jnM6nmTh8

Lucas de BuenosAires

Lucas de BA

Lucas De BuenosAires was taught tango in true porteño fashion, first by family in Buenos Aires, and then in its milongas. A lifetime later, that knowledge and passion continues to be explored and shared. Lucas continues to study both in Buenos Aires and through frequent travel, seeking exposure to everything from traditional canyengue to intercambio/fusion.
Since beginning to teach in Buenos Aires, Lucas has brought tango to the people of Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Gothenburg, London, Mexico City, Milan, New York, Paris, Portland, Reykjavik, Rome, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, The Hague, and Zurich. An avid follower and leader, this versatile dancer has been a guest artist, repeat instructor and performer at International Festivals in Berlin, London, Mexico, New York, San Francisco, Montreal, Stockholm, Buenos Aires, at both the “Festival Internacional de Tango Queer ” and “The Marathon,” the Portland Alternative Tango Festival, and most recently in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Lucas De BuenosAires specializes in original and creative classes, such as “World Cup Tango (Tango lessons from Fútbol),” “Can’t even Think Straight (Navigation for switch dancers),” “Boleos for Boys,” “What’s up with Biagi?” and the well known “First Steps to Tango Heaven” in Berlin.
A consummate club kid since the age of 13, Lucas has never shied away from adventure. Lucas continues to seek opportunities for creative expression and made a first appearance on the big screen in a 2014 feature film.

Performances, DJ’s and artists


Exhibition by Eva Yufra and Carmen Hergos
Eva Yufra and Carmen Hergos have been working together since January 2015. Developing improvisation with the tango language, they generate as a result a fresh, spontaneous and elegant proposal.

DJ Olaya Aramo (Spain)


Tango DJ for 6 years now, lover of the great orchestras of the “Guardia Nueva” and the “Golden Age”, with incursions into today’s tango. 


Performance by Darío Molina and Olaya Aramo
From its beginning until the present day, tango has always been queer. In tango, we performe, make visible and transform our expression and gender identity.

Video: https://youtu.be/AG1fUSbW6eY

DJ Andrea Venturi (Argentina/Spain)

For the last 8 years she has devoted herself to the organisation and musicalisation of the “Milonga Barrio de Tango”. Co-organiser and DJ at the Self-managed Multipurpose Space “Patio Maravillas”. She has musicalised the last three years the “Encuentro Milonguero de Alcobendas Madrid”. With a style that is singular and of her own, creating atmospheres in intimate communication with the dancers, she promises make us dance and move us with this wonderful pasion that we all share that is TANGO.



Two exhibitions: one by Soledad de Buenos Aires, and another one by Lucas Fernández.
And two DJs: Carmen Hergos (Mexico) and Dafne Saldaña (Spain)


With more than 4 years of experience, they alternate the weekly musicalisation of the ‘Barcelona queer milonga’. Furthermore, Carmen has been resident DJ at the Desbande “Milonguita” for more than two years, and guest DJ at other Barcelona milongas.



DJ Oker (France/Spain)
He organises milongas and concerts, and musicalises milongas in Barcelona as well as other cities. Depending on the place and time, different kinds of music for dancing tango are displayed. Always faithful to the traditional tango as a reference, he likes to open the dance to the spaces that alternative music proposes.